26 May, 2023

Heacock Builders Wins Contractor of the Year Award

We are excited to announce that we won a national Contractor of the Year (CotY) award for a detac

23 Oct, 2018

Comfortable Living

Design Concept

15 Aug, 2017

Elegant Mudroom Addition

Project Objectives


A Total Home Makeover in Less than Nine Months!

Our Clients found a beautiful lot in Wyndmoor on Montgomery Ave.  The existing house was a contemporary brick house set on a gorgeous lot that held decorative gardens with steps leading down a valley ending in a tranquil stream.  The beauty of the property and location attracted or client and they purchased the house.  Although they loved the location, the new owners preferred a traditional style over the contemporary style of the house.

The owners reached out to Heacock Builders with less than nine months before they needed to move in. Working closely with the homeowners and architect, Wendy Sue Kern, Heacock Builders customized the home utilizing unique design elements, transforming the modern house into a beautiful stucco villa.

How was the transformation completed?

The exterior lines of the house were changed using unique elliptical dormers and copper porch roofs supported on traditional round columns.  Beautiful flagstone patios were placed strategically around the house.  Higher ceilings were desired by the owner, so the roof was raised. The main entrance was transformed by an arched roof and arched ceiling finished with wood on the inside of the curve. The beautiful entrance is now adjacent to a front flagstone patio with water fountains and decorative garden planters (see Photo).  Home Renovation

The inside transformation included raising the living room by three feet in order to access stairs from the main floor.  On the same level, the bedrooms were connected to the living areas with a glass façade hallway, providing views to the front garden patio from inside.  This configuration provides a unique and elegant configuration to the space.  A rear deck was attached to the dining room and incorporates glass handrails to allow views of a beautiful stream in the back yard. 

Additional design features include the addition of arched dormers to enhance the design of the house while adding natural light into the interior rooms of the kitchen and living room.  

The custom built kitchen included many state of the art appliances and unique designs.  One such design was to incorporate glass cabinets built strategically in front of windows to allow views through the cabinet to the exterior.   Many antiques were salvaged and reused throughout the interior, adding charm and personal touches.  For example, confessional church doors were added as entrances into rooms.  The owner also added specific antiques during the construction that were bought over the years, and we artfully incorporated them into the design.  This included etched glass transoms and stained glass window sashes that were added into door openings.

Home RenovationWe worked together with the client to use specific trims and moldings so that the antiques would appear part of the original house design, rather than becoming an obvious afterthought.  A three-piece custom crown molding was also installed throughout the house for added details and for cohesion.  The project included custom furniture that we built and the addition of a library with a built-in closet system. 

All the renovated bathrooms were designed for elegance and functionality and include radiant floor heating.  Exterior gas lanterns, custom built paneling and cabinets all add traditional beauty and enhance the overall home aesthetic.   

At Heacock Builders, we believe that homes are not only built for functionality, but to allow for a comfortable and unique experience for its occupants.  This can only be achieved through design andconstruction.  Heacock Builders can bring to life the dreams for your home.

Our great care for the details of each of our projects, no matter how big or small, set us apart.  It is one of the main reasons so many of our past customers call us back for their next project.