Project detail:

An existing garage on the property was renovated to incorperate a new poolhouse.  Because of zoning restrictions, there was the only 1 available location for the new poolhouse addition.  It was decided to retain the existing 3 bay garage and add onto the second floor.  A large cantilevered balcony was added with unobstructed views overlooking a golf course, which was located beyond the pool.  The space was designed with the flexibility to hold many guests for entertaining as well as intimate family space for daily living.  Cathedral ceilings were desired to enlarge the feel and decorative trusses were built on site for athstetic appeal.  The exterior of the garage was designed to compliment the existing house and minimize the overall height of garage.  The final product has been the focal point of family activities and has won a National Builders Award for design and quality.

Additional information: