Project detail:

The existing home was a narrow carriage house that was at one point subdivided from a larger property, then converted into a residential house.  The home had no garage and the existing kitchen was located in the basement.  The client came to us to design and build a new addition that would include a first floor kitchen with a central entry connecting it to the house.  It was also to include a new garage. 

Because of the steep slope, the addition and new parking area were limited in size.  The new design was laid out to run along the rear property line, so that the driveway and parking area would be located on the flattest area of the property.  The new foyer was designed with all glass and a balcony for the master bedroom located above on the second floor.  This also allowed a smooth transition in the roofs and connection to the existing house without losing the bedroom window.

Polished concrete floors were incorporated to minimize excavation costs and to tie it into the style of the existing house.  The entry to the existing house was located in an old doorway and was enlarged to enhance the ambiance of the space.

Stone retainage walls were designed to line the new parking area and to connect into the existing retainage walls.

The final product enhances the existing house and is design to look as if it was always there.

Additional information: